PREKF has been hired for 5 years to set up a strategic plan with the following key objectives:

  • Develop a long-term strategy that reflects the pedagogical needs of the Foundation for each Campus
  • Understand the interdependencies between the campuses and each project to create more flexibility and to prioritise the projects according to needs and to possible financing
  • Develop high-level works for each initiative
  • Create a long-term work plan
  • Incorporate major works in the existing investment plan
  • Create a projection of the treasury for the next 5-10 years and analyse the impact on the annual investment plan



PREKF launched a strategic development process including surveys and data collection to respond to the needs and objectives of the Foundation, which included:

  • Interviews with the principal actors of the campus, department heads and teachers to explore the pedagogical and physical aspirations of each campus.
  • Understand the existing market conditions and commercial development strategies
  • Analyse the land ownership, lease structure and site conditions
  • Analyse existing investment plans
  • Facilitate and participate in discussion with main stakeholders, including potential and existing owners, promoters and authorities
  • Design workshops



PREKF was selected to lead this process due to its knowledge of the local market but also for its international experience. For the Swiss market, PREKF has unrivalled resources to support international clients in the large-scale development of real estate strategies and multiple site occupation.

The team includes internationally accredited professionals in Real Estate Consulting, Architectural Design, Building Surveying, Project Management and Quantity Surveying.