BAT 43

PREKF was mandated by Dombes SA to find tenants for several vacant surfaces in the Bat 43 Building in Acacias.

A well-known company moved into a 1’800m2 space and 550m2 fitness area with a lease of over 7 years.

The challenge was to convince companies to adopt a long-term vision in a changing area both the PAV development and Pont-Rouge construction.


Attractive lease conditions, graduated and free rent and owner contribution to fit-out works, were key negotiation points and were favorable to both parties. The implementation of our strategy resulted in the rental 2’300 m2 space in 6 months of negotiation.


Address : Route des Acacias 43, Les Acacias

Mandate : Corporate Services

Propriétaire : Dombes SA

Building : Approx. 3’800m2

BAT 43

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