Partner Real Estate – Knight Frank investment service focuses on different types of property assets: offices, industrial and logistics premises, businesses, hotels and residential properties. We offer advice to a wide range of investors: institutions, private clients, occupiers and developers but also to the public sector in relation to sales or acquisition mandates.



Our innovative approach provides vendors with targeted and unrivalled advice to resolve complex situations, to increase property asset capital and to set optimal marketing strategies. For example, we systematically integrate tax considerations in our approach to share and asset deals.



We also represent buyers by negotiating conditions, managing transactions and due diligence processes, the establishment of an SPV transaction vehicle or seeking funding.

This can be for the acquisition of:

- an investment building, for which we will also develop value enhancement scenarios


- a commercial building, for which we collaborate with our integrated design and project management team to conduct fit-out tests and estimate associated costs


We can also intervene earlier in the process, drawing on our vast professional network, allowing our clients to access opportunities that have not yet appeared on the market.


The conduct of our operations is exemplary, which is why we pay particular attention to any risk of conflict of interest. Any potential conflicts are rapidly identified and resolved in a transparent manner. With this approach we have become trusted advisors to many Swiss and foreign investors and accompany their real estate projects over the long-term.